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9 janvier 2013 3 09 /01 /janvier /2013 23:11

That could have a name

No shame

Everything you do

You have to 


Please, shut up

Let me speak 

Don't be deceiful 

Would you want have the same ?


A fear, deep in the heart,

Be free, free in mind

you cannot survive with this kind

of live. Say no, you will thank you


Don't afraid to be yourself

Hard to say, easy for life

The mirror of your soul

Is tired to be cold


Snow on fire, the light is dying

Be patient and keep faith 

Only that can save you

Nothing is disappearing


Feel your feelings 

Feel your freedom

Feel your wings

You will find your kingdom





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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 22:34


A colour in the night

There is something right

This blindness is new

I do not know what to do


Living a thousand miles away

Afraid of the unknown, anyway

Could I find the solution

Without loosing the emotion ?


A broken heart that a million stars protect

A night without odor, without pain

A choice I cannot select

But I can hear the rain




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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 21:57

the first part was "reading". Four texts in 1.20 hour with 56 questions. It was sooo hard, very long and incredible... 
The first text was about history of art (I studied that one year, so I knew the subject) and Renaissance...
The second was about birds and offspring... it began to become hard !
The third was about animals living in the water and then on the earth (something like Darwin...)
The fourth was about nomads in the sahara and camels... 
a good first part.
then, it was "listening". Not better, I heard some lectures and I had to answer questions. 
A lecture was about moth and flowers and seeds and so on, I did not know the word moth but I understood that it was an insect !
A lecture about Angkor, I was happy, because I studied that too, so it helped me...
A lecture about magnetism of the moon and protons and so on...
A lecture about a girl who wants to do a club of something...
A lecture about architecture, good with my "knowledge" in history of art and archeology
And another lecture but I forgot
then a little break, I was so afraid of the next part (speaking) that I trembled !
so speaking (I think that in few days, we will heard Americans laugh !)
the first "free" question was : your friend has problems in mathematics, what do you say to help him" or something like that...
then, the other "free" question was "is it better to borrow money to pay something or expect to have money to buy ?" too hard and just 15 seconds for each question to prepare
then a lecture and a text about a student who had problems with a book and a paper, I had to help him again
and a lecture and a text about tables, if it is better to put them outside or inside... 
finally two other things but I forgot again
and "writing"
a lecture and a text about pesticides, I had to write around 200 words in 20 minutes (it was ok)
and a "free" writing" : do you agree with : governments spend more money for new buildings than for historic and traditional buidings or homes. 300 words minimum in 30 minutes (I wrote 325 words !) 
and what I liked the most : I had to write on a "qwerty" keyboard so I wrote very slowly, with 2 fingers !
ps: pas de problème pour les fautes, c'est juste un mémo pour le prochain toefl 
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20 avril 2012 5 20 /04 /avril /2012 00:39

I need my family

I need cucombers

I need languages

I need writing


I need my friends

I need chocolate

I need dreams

I need traveling


I need my glasses

I need pasta

I need studies

I need drawing


I need you




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5 mars 2012 1 05 /03 /mars /2012 22:23

What to do when you have drained every spring ?

Where can you find a cure for your uncurable disease ?

The horizon you rode on is disappearing.

You cannot move forward, you lost the keys.


Money, money. Is that a life's fulfillment ?

You are waiting and the day never comes.

Fighting is your destiny for it seems you are not relevant.

You look for something but nowhere homes.


Leave me alone ! You want to cry.

Screams in the wind, nobody here.

Relentless falling and you are sinking. Why ?

Hidden by the shades. You are so near.


Time. You must have some time. Hush.

Never heard, never seen. Nevertheless you called.

Something wrong, you do not know what but you are cold.

Last chance, spark in the darkness. Rush. 








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23 septembre 2011 5 23 /09 /septembre /2011 16:46



Thank you. 

Thank you so much for that.

Thank you because you are a model for others and you did something great. But what ?

Thank you because he could live in a country of human rights. That is not new.


Thank you.

Thank you so much for helping us too.

Thank you because you thought : he must not do that but we have the right to. Is it not true ?

Thank you because for 22 years in jail he grew.


Thank you.

Thank you so much because you knew.

Thank you because you swear on the Bible but you are so clever that you close your eyes. What did you do ?

Thank you because you know what you want but nothing prevents you from listening too.


Thank you.

Thank you so much because you gave it some slack.

Thank you because he was probably innocent or maybe only black. What do you want to track ?

Thank you because yesterday he flew.





PS : merci à mon cher prof d'anglais.

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